Tuesday, 5 June 2012

What is it about Tuesdays...?

Today I iced 36 cupcakes during a blackout in the midst of a torrential rain/wind storm.

The blackout was due to power lines down in a street only about 300m away.  If you lived to the East of the tree your power stayed on.  To the right...suck it up people.  

Because the IGA also lay to the right of the fallen tree, I had to source my 4 D sized batteries to light our camping lantern from a friend who lived on the lucky side of the tree.

The kids were disgusted that while they could still use their ipods during the power outage, they couldn't do anything requiring internet access because there was no network.  

I really felt for them.  It must have been awful. 

When the lights came on, in between cleaning fifty thousand cake mix bowls, I experimented with quinoa.  A puzzling grain.  It is however, spoken of highly by those who are careful of what they put into their bodies.

Maybe I need to cook it differently.  Doesn't really look so appetising does it?

Funny how I was sparing with the quinoa on my beef casserole, (unsure of what it might do to me in larger quantities) but quite happy to go back for secondsies of the Cadbury Jelly Crunchie Bit chocolate.

Of course, the kids wouldn't have a bar of it, and the dutch carrots (who looked so beautiful when I bought them) went sort of wonky, but the hearty beef casserole saved the day.  Cooked mid afternoon, well before blackout.  To be ready after swimming, which we never went to.

Heavy sigh.

What the hell is it about Tuesdays?  They are becoming my arch nemesis.