Thursday, 27 September 2012

Horrendous Holiday Checklist.

This is not Palm Cove, but it's very nice yes?
Check weather forecast for Cairns - Forecast max of 30 degrees!!!
Jump for joy at the thought of not having cold feet for the first time in 6 months.
Book hire car.
Find kids summer pyjamas.
Take lazy option and purchase kids summer wardrobe items to take with us instead of opening drawers, removing items and packing them.
Refuse to allow them to wear anything new before we leave because due to risk of them immediately eating a chocolate paddle pop or drinking a chocolate milk as discussed here.
Pull out hand me down boxes to check for any suitable holiday wear.
Stop Issy from going through her hand me down box from Sarah in size 5 Summer and strewing the contents all over the bedroom.  She waits until I leave the room and does it anyway.
Recheck weather forecast.  High five self.
Cancel paper delivery.
Agonise over relative costs and merits of airport car parking vs taxi. Book car parking at airport.
Check weather forecast and show kids.  Kids squeal with excitement.
Buy lots of sunscreen in optimistic frenzy.
Read about dog taken by croc at a beach close to Palm Cove.  Resolve to never leave resort.
Stay away from my kids mate or you'll have me to deal with (eat).
Order Coles online for breakfast and lunch materials to be delivered to apartment.
Call resort 5 times to confirm they will accept the order even though we won't be there yet because of stupid inflexible Coles online delivery windows.
Wonder why everything seems more expensive in Far North Queensland especially hire cars and groceries.  Realise they have seen us coming.
Cancel Aussie Farmers delivery.
Pack myself, all three children and any ancillary things such as books, toys and dvds (although not many because we do have luggage weight limits after all).
Drink large glass wine.
Check weather again just to give myself strength and to remind myself why I'm doing this.
Check in online, select seats with 3 children together and 2 adults together knowing I'll never pull it off.  Print out a tree worth of boarding passes.
Stage a last minute attempt to download new media onto devices so kids can watch/play on the plane.  Fail.  Swear.  Try again.  Succeed due to sheer stubbornness five minutes before we have to leave.
Make it to plane. Order another large glass of wine, uncaring that it is before midday.  I am on holidays dammit.

Lots of this.  Lots and lots of this.