Sunday, 9 September 2012

Sunday afternoon, just a little bit lazy (actually a lot lazy).

Sometimes you just have to give in to the inevitable.

We are constantly told our lives are too sedentary, we sit too much, eat too much, we need to cut down on carbs after 4pm, or dairy or sugar.

And don't even get me started on all the alcohol I'm not supposed to be drinking.

So this morning I woke up feeling like I'd been run over by a large truck.  Not one carrying a load of champagne but one carrying the flu.

Can I just say this: I NEVER get sick.

But I'm sick today.  Fever (I stuck the thing in my ear- 38.4 dammit), cough, general feeling of bleugh, irresistible desire to lie down for long periods.

We didn't have to be anywhere today until 12:30.  And luckily that engagement was just a local park meet up for the end of season rugby team thingo.  Sarah had to be at touch footy practice at 2:30 and another Mum very kindly took pity on me and offered to take her (bless her heart).

So everyone else has been out, in the sunshine, filling up their stocks of vitamin D or A or whatever.  I have huddled inside like a wraith.  Showered at 1pm.  Moved self to couch when the bed got a bit lonely.  Not that it had much of a chance to get lonely.  I had visitors all morning.  Some just wanted to cuddle, others brought me cups of tea.  Others wanted to know when I was getting up because I always get up and it just felt wrong that I wasn't up and could I scratch their back and get them a drink (no prizes for guessing which one this was).

On the bright side I was proud of myself for actually falling sick on a day where we didn't have a full calendar and I could stay in bed without cancelling anything.

Anyways, when everyone came home I was on the couch.  After a joyous reunion after a such a lengthy absence (2.5 hours) they all joined me.  And took my blankets.

Mike is the large covered lump but can you spot the Issy?

They look a little like cojoined twins but it's just Issy making sure she gets enough blanket action.
And while I'm a bit upset that they stole my position and my blanket, I've decided that this kind of lack of activity is just what we need at 4:30 on a Sunday afternoon after a reasonably busy weekend.  A bit of R&R.  Doing whatever takes your fancy.   So I'm not going to carry on about device usage, or send everyone out for a last minute trip to the park.  I'm going to sit here and blog about it and leave them all alone.

To chill.