Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Current Mood: Grumpy Pants.

Grumpy cross face.
Not that I have very much to complain about but there are a few things that are not quite how I'd like them to be.

First of all, there's a bike in my living room.  A racing bike.  And it's stuck into one of those groovy things that allow you to ride the bike without going anywhere. They are very popular during the Tour de France I believe.  It's been there since the weekend, and I have no idea how to dissemble it.  Promises have been made.  As yet unfulfilled.

There is a uniform hanging on the door of the living room.  It needs mending on the hem and at the back.  I really don't know where to start with this.  It may be there for some time.

Today I had to get a guitar string replaced on Sarah's guitar.  This is miles out of my comfort zone.  I was willing to pay the guy at the music shop to change it for me.  He kindly did it for free.

I know that out there are people who can sew, change guitar strings and dissemble bike things but I am none of these people.  Are there multitalented folk who can do all three?  Probably.  I hate them.

But wait, there's more.

My ear has been blocked since I had the flu a few weeks ago.  It's really pissing me off, mainly because I CAN"T HEAR.  The kids know to stay on my right side if they don't want me to hear what they are saying and to use my left to actually communicate.

Speaking of the flu, even though it's gone, I seem to continue to suffer weird tiredness, sore throatiness, swollen glandiness as my body tries to return to it's original pre flu state.  I have been for one run in three weeks.  It was shit.  But I'm going again tomorrow damn it.

My Mum is in hospital because she had a fall and hasn't recovered well.  They are doing tests.  I really don't like this at all.  I can't ring her because she's not so good on the phone so I text my sister and hope for the best.

My car key thingo won't open the car.  Or lock it.  So I have to keep leaving it unlocked.  If you are a robber please don't take any notice.

On the upside, I have been working for a really cool company this week and have really enjoyed doing stuff for them.  I think they have liked my work too.  This is very energising.

And the next few days we have some excellent catch ups with friends planned including a long lunch 40th.  Followed by a weeks holiday.  Good friends, fun, food and perhaps some bubbles.

Bring it on I say.