Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Of Butterflies and Birds (but not bees)'s Spring!

I am spending the day with my 9 year old who is suffering from the disease commonly known as "could go either way".  

She oscillates between jumping on the trampoline and lying on the couch coughing.  

I think it's better overall that she have today off (the poor sausage has been pretty sick), but she's now a bit borderline and my productivity, which is not particularly great even when I'm alone, is further compromised by the strangely compelling programs on Cartoon Network.

So to postpone the inevitability of the TV going on, we firstly headed out to buy touch football shorts. While at the scary warehouse-like venue (rhymes with Mauls Bearhouse) we came across a wall of thongs- enticingly signposted: buy one get one free!

Ok Spring, if you insist, I will buy a pair of yellow Havianas with butterflies on them.

A fashion brain fart?  Or a stroke of genius?  Time will tell.

Here they are, with and without feet in them.

Sarah helpfully suggested that I buy them in size 6 (borderline for me), so she can borrow them (a bit big for her but not excessively so).

Aaawww, our first pair of shared shoes.  And she's not embarrassed at all...yet.

And as a bonus, we have a spot the new bird competition.  Can you see him?

Tricky little fella. 
He is growing on me, as several wise ones among you have said he would.  I'm obsessively watching him for signs of illness, terrified he's going to break my heart.

If you came up our front steps at the moment, you'd see him looking, like Mrs Mangel, out of the big front window.

Yes, I know, enough about the bird.  Totally get it. Yep.