Thursday, 6 September 2012

Not quite the deep thinker I thought I was.

Deep in thought? Lost for words? Or just vacant space? 
My mind is so deep.  It's a deep swirling vortex of existential thoughts and processes.  I love nothing more than to ponder the mysteries of the universe, and my inner monologue is a endless stream of momentous mind moments of extreme profundity.

First thing this morning my internal monologue went like this:

Should I go for a run? Nah my throats a bit sore, I feel a bit crap, think I'm coming down with a lurgy, must be what Sarah had, I wonder if she's going to feel up to school today, gosh this bed's warm...zzzzz.

You see? Serious stuff.

Or, a question I've been pondering for several days finally came to a head at the local shops, a place I spend far too much time at, not the best environment for deep thinking.

SCENE: I'm at the supermarket with Issy and one of her friends, who are running like wild animals up and down the aisles, giggling, occasionally running into two more of their friends (who are also shopping) and giggling even more.  Every now and again I bleat, 'stop' or 'wait' and they ignore me.

ETHICAL DILEMMA: If I have to bake cakes for the school cake stall held on election day as a fundraiser is it a heinous crime to use packet mixes?  Especially considering 1. I am crap at cooking and the from scratch ones never work well.  2.  I am in the top percentile for laziness.

I asked advice from two girlfriends while we ate sushi with the kids and they looked horrified that I'd even consider making them from scratch.  But I know there are purists out there who can pick a packet cupcake at 100 paces and I fear their disgust.  Or do I?  Perhaps, just perhaps, life is too short to worry about this kind of stuff.  (See I told you I was deep).

So I bought cupcake packet mixes. Two of them.  A swirl of icing in a can and a natural confectionary company lolly on top and they'll beat the band.

And finally, I'm reading a book about a 50 year old woman with early onset Alzheimers.  Am now convinced I have it. This worries me no end.  I keep asking my kids to meet me after school at the um...thingamy and don't forget whatdoyoucallit.  I call them by each other's names.  I forget to send money along for the book fair/Japanese fundraiser/science incursion.

AM I GOING MAD?? Or are my deep thoughts to ponderous for my brain to hold?