Tuesday, 11 September 2012

A new word invented by us.

We were in the car about a year ago, probably on the way to swimming.  It takes us about 20 minutes to get to swimming which generally is enough time to get us through the how was your day at school kinds of conversations and can move on to the more existential.

It is I fear, going to be on the way to swimming that I am finally asked the exact mechanics of that special cuddle I keep telling them about when they want to know how babies are made.

Sorry, got distracted.

So, there we were on the way to swimming and we were talking about rhyming words and we got on to words that were hard to rhyme with.  I told them orange has no word that rhymes with it at all.

Orange is hardly alone in its unrhymingness, but for some reason this really upset them.  They just didn't think it was fair.

So I suggested we, the Christensens, invent a word, to rhyme with orange and put it out of it's misery.  As far as I now there are no rules on who can make up words, and we don't mind if no-one outside our immediate family ever uses it.  It's ours. We made it.  And who knows, it just might catch on.

So I give you...florange.  Rhymes with orange.

And florange is the feeling you get when your back is itchy and you can't scratch it yourself because your arms don't reach (or you're feeling lazy).
If you are florange you need one of these. Or a Mummy willing to scratch your back.  
eg. Issy (in a panic): Mum, I'm feeling florange.
 Me: Sure darling, where?
Issy: There, no there, no up a bit, across, down down down, aaaahhhh.

Feel free to use florange in your daily conversations.  We'd be chuffed if it took off.  It is now a regular part of our vocabulary and we hope it becomes part of yours.