Sunday, 23 September 2012 the corners of my mind, blah blah blah

I went to my Mum's in Brisbane for the weekend.  I took Sarah.  She is very low maintenance.  Although a fussy eater.  She asked for duck pancakes for dinner which cost $50. We didn't realise the price until it was too late. At 9, she already has expensive taste.

The house my Mum lives in is the one I grew up in.  She (and my Dad) have lived there for about 45 years.

The vast majority of my childhood memories are in that house.  Going back is a kind of weird.  The last significant change was the reno my folks did when I was 12.

I used to spend hours and hours in the pool.  They put it in when I was 4.   I learned to swim in it.  Some dude called Mr Sheen used to come and dunk me under the water.  Eventually I stopped screaming.  Because inhaling pool water is really unpleasant.  I learned to swim pretty damn fast after that.

Still in swimmers just before bedtime.  I love it when they wear their swimmers for hours.  
There is still a hook up on the cornice in my old bedroom.  They put it in especially for my wedding dress to hang from.

The view of the river is not spectacular.  The Brisbane River is not pretty.  But as someone who grew up with that view, it's very comforting and familiar and relaxing. And lush and green and Brisbaney.

It's no Sydney Harbour, but it's pretty cool.  
When crazy Joh Bjelke-Peterson was premier, there were weeks and weeks when the power would go off for hours in the evening.  I remember sitting at the family room table doing my homework by candlelight.  In the 1980's, not the 1880's, but that was Queensland for you.

We're home now, the 5 Christensens back together as they should be.  It's where I belong.  But I love a couple of days with just one child.  And of course, it's great to see my Mum.

And I am lucky to still be able to visit this house, to have all the memories so accessible, to sleep in my old room, show my kids where I grew up.  It's pretty cool.