Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Don't feel sorry for me, my most pressing first world problems

Happy little packhorse, me.
1. Sometimes after school, I find myself carrying three bags, a saxophone, a music bag and my own bag.  I feel like a pack horse.  Although based on the photo, a cheerful one. 

2. My odd sock collection at the bottom of my washing basket has gone from zero to six in just over a week.

3. My cherry blossom boughs died because I put them too close to the central heating vents and they overheated.

4. Once I left a sheet of puff pastry on my kitchen bench and went out.  While I was out the cleaners came and neatly folded my pastry sheet in a little square and left it under the dishcloth.  Took me ages to find it.

5.  I can never ever get the lid off the new jar of olives easily, and when I do eventually force the damn thing open the brine always gets on my shirt.

6.  The gap of time between my son's karate class ending and my daughter's gym class starting is five minutes shorter than the amount it takes to drive there.  This just makes everyone cranky.

7.  My Woolworth's delivery is always delivered in plastic bags with the top tied in knots.  I can never get the knots undone on at least half of these, meaning I have to put them in the rubbish instead of recycling them.

8.  My Aussie Farmer delivery guys give me a new blue coldy keeper thing every week because I keep forgetting to leave one out for them.  Tonight I have left out 8 blue coldy keeper things.  I really hope they take them away.

9.  My dill died.  I overwatered it because I'm shit with plants.  On the upside, the rosemary, thyme and oregano are still hanging in there.

10.  I can't think of tenth one, and convention dictates there really should be ten but I've gone blank.  I'll no doubt think of one in the middle of the night.