Wednesday, 22 August 2012

The sun, the sun!!! or Appreciating the banality of my existance.

Today I sat on my front steps in the sunshine.  

I couldn't really see the computer screen, but the sun was warm and bright and entirely un Augusty.  I just had to be in it.  Sorry about the spelling mistakes.

My house remained in denial of any temperature over 20 degrees celsius.  It's freezing in there.

It was lunchtime, so a great deal of screaming and shouting drifted towards me from the school around the corner, occasionally varied by a teacher having a go at someone through what I think was a megaphone (?).  It was bloody loud anyway.  Interesting disciplinary method.

I wished I'd had my wits about me enough to sunscreen the kids before they left this morning.

I hoped Joshie hadn't forgotten to take off his jumper and wasn't about to die of heatstroke.

The stupid German Shepherd who lives two doors up across the road and spends all day barking at stupid things, barked at something stupid.

I wondered idly why Howards Storage World send me Angela from WA's spice rack and wire baskets (valued at $200) instead of the wardrobe organiser I'd ordered (value $30).  But Daniel from Howards Storage World says he'll fix it. Not sure how.  Bless him.

I contemplated removing my cardigan, thereby leaving myself outside with only two layers on, a feat I haven't achieved since early April.

But that would be crazy.

The scent of pea and ham soup, already bubbling on the stove, ready for our ravenous return from swimming lessons at 6pm wafted out from the kitchen.  Yes, I am a shocking show off.

Michel from Fisher and Paykel came when he said he would and fixed the fridge in 15 minutes.  He had to replace the something or other, which cost a pretty penny.  But I was so stunned by his punctuality and efficiency I just shut up and paid him.

The wind gently rustled the hibiscus bushes, who are barely hanging on after two years of near constant neglect.  Luckily the old couple who lived here before us must have really taken good care of them because they are still punching out gorgeous blooms.  They are on borrowed time.

By the way, don't let the gentle wind up here deceive you.  Around these parts we can go from gentle northerly to a roaring southerly in minutes.  But for now, it's very pleasant.

OK my cardigan's off.  It's a miracle.  

AND this morning I received an email telling me I'd won a competition on for a pair of stunning silver Uberkate cufflinks to give to Mike for Father's Day.  Even more amazing: it wasn't random, they actually had to like my entry.  My boat is totally floating.

God I'm a lucky woman.