Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Love really does make the world go around.

Love Actually

God was there ever a movie like Love actually?

What other movie can make me cry with laughter and happiness?

Highlights for me:

Emma Thompsons dignity.

Colin Frizzels amazing luck with hot American chicks.

Hugh Grant and what's her name being sprung kissing at the kids pageant.

And Colin Firth proposing to Aurelia in the restaurant.  The whole joint giving them a standing ovation.  Yes I know it's a movie and the standing ovation was done by actors, but I reckon if the same happened in real life (which it probably does all the time), they would still get one.  Love is just too compelling.

When I get a Saturday night alone on the couch while my husband gallivants with his mates this is the movie that always comes out.  So I can watch the kid running through Heathrow chasing the girl he loves.  And the guy who loves Keira Knightly with his flash cards.

And then the shots at the end at the airport of real people, greeting each other.  Little kids coming in at knee level and holding on tight before being swept up into a bug hug.  Husbands and wives, old friends, sisters, brothers, everyone.  Hugging and taking a step back to look at each other and hugging again.  Talk about heart warming.

But you don't have to go to an airport.  You can see love in action at your local school.  The hugging and kissing that goes on up at ours is incredible. Every day, especially at home time, the excitement of people greeting each other, who have only been apart for at most, 6 hours, is palpable.

Josh loves to come in for the quick cuddle, rubbing his curly head on me before making a crafty attempt at a bag pass off.  Sarah arrives and inserts herself under my armpit, where she currently fits perfectly.  She will then attempt to pass off the saxophone. I end up like a pack horse, as documented here.  If Issy is with me, she runs away to play with all the kids she knows and feigns deafness when I call her.

Not being triangular, having three children wanting to walk next to you holding your hand can be problematic.  But I can see a future where I'll be considered an embarrassment.  Oh sad and miserable day.

Although I even see a fair bit of PDAs from the higher years if their Mum or Dad is there, so maybe at least one of them won't reject me.

Until then, I'm totally happy to be the person they love to see at the end of their school day, and I greet them like we're at the airport after a long separation, every time.