Monday, 6 August 2012

Brain like a sieve. That's me.

Is this a sieve?  Or is it a big strainer?  Brain like a big strainer, that's me. 
You know how someone always asks how your weekend was on Monday morning?  Just pleasant small talk. Everyone chit chats about drinks with friends, sport, BBQs, family stuff.  Well, most Monday mornings I can't remember a thing.  Nada.

Even worse, often at the beginning of the weekend, on Friday night when someone asks what our plans are, I can't remember either.

And because of this incurable vagueness, at any point in time, I'm a whisker away from an epic fail.

I think it's because my mind has to constantly monitor and update the location, emotional barometer, state of dress, hunger level and next scheduled activity of at least four other people besides myself.  (Yes I know I shouldn't do it for Mike, he is a grown man and really doesn't expect me to (mostly), but somehow, I can't help myself.)

And I'm not very good at it.

In fact, I suck.

The only reason I was able to sit at swimming writing the first draft of this blog is because I received a phone alert reminding me to go.

Assisted by a slight but persistent hangover, and another Saturday morning spent running around to various sporting events, Sarah's swimming lesson at 1pm on Saturday (yes I know it's a stupid time) completely slipped my mind.

Luckily knowing myself well, I'd put the lesson into my phone reminders.

So I was very busy at home, tickling Josh on the couch while watching the long jump (still his favourite sport at the Olympics and his preferred Olympic event when he goes- as he's certain he will) when my phone went off.

Five minutes later, Sarah and I were haring down the road.

Then, on Sunday,  I received a text from a friend (lets call her G), reminding me about the girlie dinner we were supposed to have that evening, to catch up with another friend (who we'll call C) who had suggested it in the first place but gone all quiet.

I was completely surprised, utterly gobsmacked.  I had totally forgotten.  No little niggle at the back of my mind, nope, total blankness.  And my first thought, not guilt because I may let G & C down, but pure selfishness as I watched my lazy plans for a night on the couch snuggled up to my *ahem* laptop go out the window.

If I was a properly good person I would have reminded C (who can be a bit forgetful herself) and taken Sarah, and caught up with her and her gorgeous daughters and my other wonderful friend (who clearly has quite a good memory) and her lovely girl.

It would have been fun.

But I was tired after all the Mexican waving and Ikea assembling I had done that afternoon.  I wanted to sit and watch athletes perform impossible feats of strength and fitness while I slowly melted into the couch eating chocolate and drinking red wine.

Mmmm.  Nice. 

And I did.

So while I can't remember what I did on the weekend.  I remember what I didn't do.  And also what I nearly didn't do.