Wednesday, 8 August 2012

The tooth fairy and the difference between my children.

My kids love to write letters to the tooth fairy.  Because then she has to write back.  And she hasn't got much else to do does she?

Sarah started the tradition, her baby teeth have now all fallen out, and she's passed the baton to Josh.  He has a different style and different priorities as you can see below.

In our house we are visited by several tooth fairies.  There's Flossy (for little girls), Franky (for boys) and Felicia (for older girls).  Please don't ask me how it became this complex, it's been out of control for some time now, like most things around here.

I do love their excitement when they show me their note and money.  But never more than a gold coin so I'm afraid Josh will be disappointed (see below).

Please note, the following have been reprinted with permission from the authors.

Josh's letter to the tooth fairy:

Dear tooth feery ples give me $50 or $5 my name is josh whats yours please write other info to do with you here. (several lines kindly provided).  Love Josh.

Aah Josh, he is a hopeful fellow.  I do love him. 
Sarah's last letter to the tooth fairy:

Dear tooth fairy  Is this Flossy? I am saying this because Flossy said I might have to change to an older kids fairy.  If you are a different fairy please tell me about you.  Ps.  I love dark chocolate.  Love from Sarah.

Josh is mainly just after the cash.  I suspect he'd be just as happy with $5 as he has no real concept of money.  I will test this theory out and give him $2 as per our Tooth Fairy policy.

Last year Sarah's letter to Santa went over two A4 pages.  She asked for pretty much everything except world peace.  She also asked Santa a lot of questions.  She is very much about information gathering, not so much about the money.

You can really see the difference in their personality by their letters. Josh is a shameless mercenary. Sadly he won't be getting either of the amounts he hopes for.  And it's 10:17pm and I still have to answer his letter.  I think I'll tell him tooth fairies are only allowed to carry coin money as notes might catch the wind and blow them off course.

That's me, keeping the magic alive.