Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Of totes, fruits and moons

When your fridge breaks down it's always tragic.  Not as bad as if we only had one fridge.  This is what I keep telling myself.  

And not as bad as if we only noticed after everything had defrosted either.  

In fact, as fridge breakdowns go, it's not bad.  Even if it did happen 5 hours before we had people for lunch.  

I stuffed everything into the other fridge and freezer.  I had to make a few tough decisions and leave a few things behind that wouldn't fit, and were expendable.  

I certainly found out the hard way how many bananas I'd put into the freezer, waiting for the day I need to whip up a gigantic loaf of banana bread for 800 people.  

Once an old banana freezes and defrosts again, it's quite frightening.  And sort of gloopy. Oh, and so was the icecream I must have forgotten in my panic.  

My tragic freezer.
I must ring the fridge people.  Last time they fixed my fridge, it wasn't pretty.  I have a nasty feeling if there's a fridge repair blacklist, I'm on it.  

This morning, as I left the house, the sky was stunning.  I took a photo.  The iphone does not take good photos of things several light years away.

The moon and a star? Venus? at 6am.  Pretty huh?
And I bought a bag. Actually a tote.  I didn't mean to buy it, it just sort of happened.  It was so shiny and red and big, and sort of totey.  

I'm also pleased to report that Issy now knows the difference between a tote, a normal handbag, and an evening bag.  She is also able to distinguish between stilettos and wedges.

The tote that leapt into my arms at Nine West.
It was a good day.  Apart from the bananas.