Thursday, 16 August 2012

Christensen Fashion Sense (or horrible lack thereof)

Us Christensens, we're a classy lot.  Our fashion sense really needs to be seen to be believed.  Especially what we're willing to wear within the comfort of our own home.  

The only problem is, when we are required to exit the home, even briefly, chances are, in this neighbourhood, that someone you know is going to drive past and beep at you in your flannel jammies and canary yellow robe some misguided person gave you as a gift one Christmas.  

In truth, I'm the one who needs to worry about this, Issy, for example, has no such concerns.  She just wears what she likes and thinks she looks fabulous every time.  

Usually she's pretty spot on.  Although this morning I did wonder.  Pictorial evidence below.  

Note the white tights (not ballet regulation soft pink but glaring white).  We did have regulation pink but she got a run in them and I didn't think she was old enough to look like a dirty stop out (she will never be old enough), so I binned them.  

It was ballet day so they're worn with purple leotard and crossover and charming earmuffs.  On their own, sort of quirky, but it's when you add the watermelon coloured ugg boots which are almost precisely the same colour as the earmuffs you realise things have become slightly out of control.  

And following my motto, I said nothing and acted casual.  She's a tough cookie on matters of wardrobe and I very seldom win.  

As I said before, she is totally convinced of her fabulousness.  I was not with her all day but I heard she (and her friend who has the same earmuffs in blue) made many people smile.  Most of them kindly.  

This ensemble seems to come with it's own 'tude.  
And then there's me.  Not cute, not five.  Just lazy and disorganised.  Hence when I came back from my run, I took off my warm running sweater thingie ready to go upstairs and shower but in the interest of decency, kept on my singlet and running pants.  And as often happens, one thing led to another (lunches and breakfasts) and upstairs never happened and I got a bit cold, so I put on my daggy cardigan which was hanging off the bannister, ready to go down to the laundry for a much needed wash.  A fetching pair of ugg boots and I was a happy camper.   

Except at 7:40 one of the kindest people in the world collects Sarah and her saxophone and drives them the 100m around to the school so I don't have to haul the sax and two reluctant children to school and back before 8am, or worse, find one of them has let the Aussie Farmer's rep into the house, the one time I did risk nipping off quickly without them.

So instead of me being showered and dressed and fresh as a daisy to deliver Sarah into the car to my always immaculately dressed saviour, I was charmingly attired in my stinky running gear, ugg boots and a crusty cardigan that desperately needs a wash.  Naturally about 5 people we knew drove past at the same time, dropping their band members off for practice too.

Smile and wave darling, smile and wave. Lucky they couldn't smell me.

The evidence below.  Noice.  Classy.

Christensen fashion statements.  You'd think I could make a bit more of an effort wouldn't you?

My ultimate day wear is leggings and a long shirt and ugg boots and no reason to go outside all day.  It seldom happens.  Not enough for my inner laziness to ever be satisfied.

I think Issy is still working on her ultimate day wear.  Stay tuned.