Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Pathetic bird related post of sadness.

When we got him, he was blue.  And very docile. 
Oh my bird.  My little bird.

I know the ups and downs of other peoples pets is hardly scintillating stuff.  And if you don't like birds then perhaps you won't feel much sympathy with today's post.  But we have a bird.  A sweet little green and yellow budgie.  Officially called Smuggler but mostly just known as The Bird.  And I think he's dying.  And it's on my mind so I'm putting it out there.

When we decided to get a pet, it was for the kids.  I never know I'd become attached.  And after all it was just a bird.  Small, feathery, a bit stupid.

But slowly he grew on me.

At first, because he was so dazed and confused from the abrupt change in his entire universe (lots of birds big cage to just him much smaller cage) he would sit anywhere, on anyones finger and never fly off.
As he got older he got his big boy (actually big girl) feathers and turned green and yellow.  

But as time went by he got feisty.  He'd fly off, nip, try and hide if anyone tried to take him out.  And as time went by, the failure of his little top nosey bit to turn blue gave us a clue to his anti social behaviour.  

He was in fact, a she.

Girl budgies don't tame, don't talk, nip fiercely and hate pretty much everyone.  Male budgies can be tamed, often talk, and don't nip.

Based on behavioural traits alone, he was definitely a she.

He brought a great deal of happiness by just being himself. 
It didn't matter, he/she was our bird and we loved him/her.  Very busy and important, very vocal and very loved.

I will now revert to calling him a him because that's how I've known him longest.

He's been sick for three days.  Ruffled feathers, gastro, shivering, not feisty at all.  We took him to the vet who diagnosed worms.  She suggested he's had them since birth.  Bugger.

She gave him worming medicine but did not look hopeful.  And based on his complete lack of improvement over the last 24 hours, I'm not looking hopeful either.

And that's really hard when little faces keep asking me if he will be ok.  I am honest, and say I don't know, but I think it's unlikely and birds are very fragile.

I have of course, been asked if we can have another one.  They are callous but incurably practical.  And the answer is yes I think but not from the same breeder (obviously).

At the moment I don't want another bird, I JUST WANT MY BIRD, well again, chirping madly and attacking his bell toy as though it had just told him his mother wore army boots.

Bird update: now on bottom of cage, sitting on a warmed up wheat bag wrapped in a towel.  Am beginning to discuss with the kids the importance of him being warm and comfortable, for whatever happens.