Tuesday, 13 November 2012

10 ways I can tell 2012 is on the way out.

This is a very scary sight. 
1.  The kids are knackered.  And naughty.  And really grumpy.  They are sick of readers, piano and sax practice, homework and sports practice.

2.  I too, am knackered and grumpy and I'm sick of making them do stuff, or taking them to it.

3.  I am only capable of thinking of the day ahead when I wake up.  Not much planning, just a lot of flying by the seat of my pants.  Disaster is very close, I'm sure.  You'll know because I'll blog about it.

4.  It's my birthday soon.  My birthday falls at the tired end of the year, when everyone should be too exhausted to celebrate, but silly season dictates that it's actually an excellent reason to celebrate.  So we do.  Any other behaviour would be churlish.  Bring it on.

5.  It's mid November and I haven't bought any Christmas presents.  Not one.

6.  The school is about to stage it's annual talent quest, and I am about to stage my annual talent quest related nervous breakdown.  I. Just. Can't. Watch.  I'm sorry.  Whether my kid is in an act or not.  It doesn't matter.

7.  Not only have the supermarkets started stocking Christmas related stuff (since like...October) but I went and bought some.  New baubles.  We don't need any, I just have a very persuasive five year old.  You've met her before.

8.  People keep talking about how few weeks of school are left and how fast they are going, causing me to have panic attacks at how much is to be done and how little time there is to do it.

9.  I feel terribly sad because my two school kids have had such excellent teachers this year and I know the odds of all three of them having a good one next year are just too long to contemplate.

10.  Despite all this, I'm excited because in 17 days we put up the Christmas tree and start playing Christmas carols in the car.  I can belt out O Holy Night really badly in the car instead of Adele and I can't wait.