Sunday, 18 November 2012

Another year older, and happy indeed.

This birthday was one of thanksgiving.  Being grateful for the completely marvellous life I have and the people in it.

Firstly my family.  They satisfy my soul.  Having them all with me on my birthday was just the best.

My sister came, with my nephew.  They came for lunch and a sleepover.  Lunch was at a low key cafe with lots of water to look at.  We ate, we drank (French as befits a birthday).

Issy went to a birthday party for a friend, because what weekend goes by without someone having a party to go to.

Finally, thanks to my sister being willing to take on our three single handed, Mike and I went out to dinner a deux.  But we were so knackered, we were home by not long after 8:30.  We all sat on the couch under the throw rugs, and watched The Lord of the Rings.  It was fabulous.

I had phone calls, and texts.  I talked to lots of people I loved.  Family and friends who lift my heart.

This morning we made an early start and did another practice session for Coastrek.  We walked the soft sand of several beaches.  Then we walked steep rocky paths.  It was, frankly, hell on the legs.  But we talked, and talked and talked.

It's completely excellent fun, even if your legs ache like buggery.

Then we went for lunch.  At Hugos.  A girlie lunch with fabulous girls.  More time spent with people I love who enrich my life.

I am one lucky 41 year old.