Wednesday, 7 November 2012

The weirdest morning ever.

It's been a freakish morning.  Although not in a bad way.  It's like the space-time continuum has given me a break for once.

Please understand, I am not trying to show off, most mornings are an out of control whirlwind of cereal, toast, shouting, homework, sax practice, complaining, birdseed and off milk.

Today it is eerily quiet.  Look.

See! Weird. 
You can't see the detail from the photo but not only are the kids all ready for school with hair done, but the birdcage is clean and I've swept the floor.

It's 8:18am.  What is going on???

I rose early (5:40), made myself a cuppa and worked on a bit of writing until 6:45.  So I didn't get up and frantically do stuff to give myself a head start or anything.

Then, at 6:46 I remembered all the sheets needed changing.  So I did that.  All four beds.  And put on the first wash.

Then, I made three lunches, helped with three breakfasts and ate my own breakfast.

Note: Last week I NEVER once ate breakfast before I took the kids to school.  I never had time.

I'm started to feel afraid.

I've done two lots of hair, made sure Josh has his library books and readers, and am now supervising homework.  Which they are doing, without complaining.

I've taken the meat out of the freezer for tonights dinner.

Josh now has his shoes on and is taking out the recycling.

No nagging was used on the subject of this photo.
This sort of thing happens occasionally, when we have mornings where everything runs beautifully, according to plan, no yelling, no forgetting, all on time.  Then the next day we're all frantic, cranky, running late, missing homework.  But I can't put my finger on why.  It could be any day of the week, there is no pattern.

At least today I am appreciating it.  And recording it forever.  And I've blogged.  Another tick!

It's an uneasy feeling of the calm before the storm.  That's OK.  Because I am completely certain it is only temporary and tomorrow we return to the madness.