Sunday, 11 November 2012

The early bird. Is very tired now.

Next March I am doing Coastrek.  It's a 50km walk from Palm Beach to Balmoral which raises funds for the Fred Hollows foundation, returning sight to thousands of kids in third world countries.

I like to think I'm not completely unfit.  I run a few times a week (mostly).  But walking 50km.  Jaysus.

We walk in a team of 4.  My team is made up of 4 school Mums, all of whom I love.  They are excellent chicks that I can totally imagine walking 50 km with.  I hope they feel similarly about me.

This morning three of us did a three hour walk around part of the track.  After three hours, my feet hurt, I had mild sunburn on my already damaged d√©colletage (growing up in Qld will do that for you) and my left hip was reminding me it existed instead of quietly going about it's business of swinging my left leg back and forth.

Even though I like to think I'm not in bad shape, a 12 hour walk is going to be a real challenge.

What I am not worried about is the view we are going to have when we do the trek.  Here is a sample of what we gazed upon this morning.

From 40 Baskets Beach looking over at Fairlight.  Or thereabouts. 

Up on North Head there is a wall you have to walk through.  They've cut a convenient hole for  this purpose. 

And on the other side of the whole is a view to the ocean.  

And some beaches.  Loads of them.  Coastrek takes us past all of the Northern Beaches.  There's loads of 'em.
Our feet are really going to hurt after this.  I need new shoes now, so I can wear them in.  And the right socks.  And a good sports bra that doesn't rub (sorry any blokes reading this).

Do I take a camel pack (that's a small backpack full of water for those of you wondering)?  Or carry a water bottle?  Or hope I come across enough water bubblers and support stations?  Bum bag?

Can we stop for a coffee?

Mike is taking the day off, to be part of our support crew.  He is dead keen.  He wants to do the Oxfam walk later in the year where I will, in turn, support him.

That's a helluvua lot of walking isn't it?

See!  Pretty flowers!