Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Four of my best acts of genius.

Sometimes, I surprise myself.  Sadly, not very often.

1. Sarah's Thursday gym drop off coincides perfectly with the end of Josh's t ball practice, only a 10 minute drive away.

2. I convinced Issy that going through the auto car wash and helping me vacuum the car out was one of the 'fun things we're doing together before you go to school' activities.

3. I gave Sarah a key to the house so she can let herself in, because some days she likes to walk home and I get Josh separately.  So if I get caught (chatting), she can go inside and start raiding the pantry her homework.  So far, because of various moments of idiocy, I have needed to sneak up to school three times and take it off her bag to let myself into the house when I've locked myself out.  Two of these times my phone has been inside so I couldn't call my trusty spare key holder friend.  One of these times at least one child was still in pyjamas (it was Thursday, and band is at 7:45am and we were having a shocker).

Act of genius? Perhaps not so much.  More like several acts of stupidity saved by a bit of good luck.

4. One melon baller, three children and one watermelon become a pockmarked watermelon rind very quickly.  And no whinging.  We are trying it tomorrow on honeydew.  Who knew balls of melon were so appealing?

Self serve fruit balls.  
It was supposed to be five, but I just can't think of a fifth.  Clearly I'm dumber than I thought.