Thursday, 1 November 2012

Heading south for a cool (child free) change.

  Not my favourite airline, but it will do. 

Sometimes a girl needs a bit of time away.  Away from the grind, the relentless repetition, the neediness.

It will all be there when I come back.  And term four being what it is, it will then multiply.

So before the madness really begins, I'm heading south with two of my most special girls.  All the way to Tasmania.

Whooping cough or no whooping cough I am going.  Mike is 'working from home' tomorrow.  And I wish him all the best.

The tears began when I put them to bed, because I'll be gone before they wake up.  It's not like I'm that nice to them, I just think I'm usually around and they're used to my ways.  I told them the two days I'm gone will whiz by.

This I know for sure.

All I know about Hobart is that we are staying somewhere cool called Salamanca Square (or Place).  There is a market, a museum and a nice hotel to stay in.  There will be coffee, wine and shopping.

I cannot imagine anything else I could want.  It will be slightly colder than here but I'm ok with that.

No one to look after except myself.  No one to please but me.  It took me 10 minutes to pack instead of 3 hours.  I can read on the plane.  Or chat to my mate.  I don't have to open poppers, or butter everyone's bread rolls, or negotiate ipod time.

Heaven.  For about 56 hours.  I'd best appreciate every minute before I return to my beloveds.  And in the weird way of families, I will be missing them terribly by the time I return.