Sunday, 25 November 2012

The Red Rocket's Big Trip To Mollymook.

It's not easy, getting away for a weekend with your husband.  Without the kids.  

Firstly we don't have any local grandparent action.  However, we are lucky enough to have grandparents, or should I say, Mike has parents who are willing and able to travel.  They even come with their own motorhome.  

The (very small) downside of this method of travel is that we then can't go anywhere without hiring or borrowing a car because they can't use the motorhome to ferry the kids around the local suburbs.

And ferry they did, because for some reason the afternoon of 24th November was an epicentre of activity as far as our children's social lives were concerned.  One preschool party, one birthday party, a tball game and a piano concert later, it was time for a Bex and a good lie down for Nana and Poppy.  

Can I just say, we had the weekend away booked and sorted weeks before any of the other commitments rolled in.  We weren't trying to avoid them.  Really.  

So what we did have to do, was borrow a car.  Because I didn't remember to book a hire car until Tuesday and it was proving extremely hard to find one that was A. available and B. not needing to be collected from Penrith and dropped at Campbelltown.  

So we borrowed the 'Red Rocket'.  A 15 year old Subaru hatchback.  A real little goer.  Look at her.  Well her dashboard anyway.  Her generous owners were terrified we wouldn't make it and she would curl up and refuse to travel beyond the city limits.  But she showed a real sense of adventure and never let us down.  Bless her. 

Red safely took us through 5 hours of Sydney, Albion Park and Nowra traffic, and we eventually arrived at our destination.  The first thing I noticed was this contraption in the bathroom.  Mike and both suggested several uses for it (some of them x rated of course), but we still don't know what they are.  

I thought hair curlers but they weren't hot to touch.  I am still mystified.   I would love to know what they are.  

So this was the view from the room.

Yep, pretty awful.

If you couldn't be bothered standing up, you could take this picture from the bed.

It was altogether wonderful.  Delicious food, a cheeky champs or two, and time spent with the man I love.  We go well together.  And we are pretty good at falling back into 'just us' when we get the opportunity.  
And this afternoon, three pairs of arms were very happy to greet us and welcome us home.  We gave Red back to her owners (who were VERY pleased to see her) and re-embraced the concept of a car with air conditioning.   Then we celebrated Mike's Mum's birthday with a family BBQ and all was goodness. 

Grateful I am.  Yes.