Monday, 12 November 2012

The day I become one of THOSE parents.

The subject of quite a bit of angst.  She has no idea.  Look at that smile! 
Yep, I did it.  I went to see the Principal.  Actually, the Assistant or Deputy Principal.

You see, I was upset about one of my kids.  Funnily enough, the one that hasn't even started school yet.

It's a bit of a story, if you can bear with me.

When you turn up at orientation, your receive three sheets of paper to fill out.

1.  Your point of view of the child, likes/dislikes, strengths/weaknesses, illnesses, allergies, and most importantly, besties they'd like to be in a class with.  There is not exactly a question for this, but it comes under the guise of:

What do you think your child needs to best settle into their school life? (or something similar).
Then you list out a few kids they really like, so starting school is fun and not scary and weird.

2.  The child's point of view.

What they like- Issy: chocolate, rainbows, my sister (I made her also say her brother although sadly she was cross with him at the time and wanted to leave him out), my friends.

What they want their teacher to know about them-  Issy: my name.

What do you think you will learn at school- Issy: eat lunch and find the toilet.

Complex stuff huh?

3.  The Preschool's point of view. From the Director.  About their readiness for school, ability to sit, concentrate, listen, focus and socialise.

Now while I think our director is a dedicated, well trained Early Childhood expert, she doesn't really like Issy.  Issy is annoying, often.  She challenges adults and is cheeky in a way that I find really embarrassing.  I warn her time and time again but she still does it.  And sometimes she does it when I'm not there so I either hear about it later or never.

So Issy's preschool form was not exactly complimentary, and while it said she was fine for social and literary skills, it also said she was a terrible interrupter, distracter, and know it all.

Damn.  I know this.  But I was hoping the school could find out themselves instead of her being identified as a troublemaker before her first day.

It went on to recommend she not be with ANY of her best friends because she would distract them too.

I also found out her name is on several other kid's papers recommending she is not put with them.  Because clearly she is an evil influence who will ruin the other child with her terrible distracting ways, spoiling forever their chance at a good education.

Yes, I am bitter, and slightly unhinged.

I think what she needs is a strict teacher who doesn't take any s**t, but kind of likes her anyway (because she is a perky little thing) and just one good friend so she can enjoy herself and settle in quickly.

I also know that Issy being Issy, she will make a new friend and begin to distract them, if there is not one that she already knows, so any attempt to separate her from distracting influences won't work.

Perhaps she needs a class by herself.

My friends, the other preschool Mum's and friends and other school Mum's etc, have listened and been lovely and supportive and listened to me bang on about it endlessly.  Thanks guys.

So a bit hurt and stung by the rather damning assessment of my precious baby, I went on to write a letter, disputing a good deal of what had been said, and making my own (completely biased and uneducated) recommendations.  I also voiced my displeasure that her name had been put down as a bad influence on so many kids forms and begged them to wait and see for themselves, because she does have some good points and she is a work in progress.

And I gave it to the Assistant/Deputy/Whatever Principal.  She a brilliant person.  She is very kind and down to earth and takes no shit.  She might read it.  She might put it in the bin.  I told her I just wanted to have my say, that I was better at writing than talking, that I didn't want to go on about it any more (cause that's what this blog and about a billion phone calls and conversations since last Friday are for) and left her to it.

I worried all day, and the interaction took 30 seconds.

Fate will decide.  And I keep telling myself whatever happens, Issy'll be right.  Bless her.

We shall not speak of this again.  Promise.