Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Why this is my favourite photo in the world.

Well, you might say, why wouldn't it be?  How could it not be?  

Look at them.  All four of them.  My loves, my soul, my reasons for getting up every morning.  

Look at them looking at Issy.  See how big Mike's hands are, how carefully he holds her, how he must be saying, gentle, soft, here she is, isn't she beautiful? He holds her tight and keeps her safe, but lets them see her face and touch her little head.  

See Joshie, gently stroking her.  He loves her already, you can tell.  He thinks it's magical.  He turned 2 only 6 weeks before.  He is still a baby himself. 

Sarah is looking intently at Issy's face, taking her in, realising she has a sister.  She turned 4 two days before and has now been made a big sister twice.  She loves Issy already too, it's clear on her face.  

Mike is torn between gazing in wonder at his newborn daughter, and introducing his bigger (but still not very big at all) kids to her so they can see her and feel her and welcome her to our family.  

When they arrived that day she was lying in her little box thing with her head close to the path past the bed.  As they came through they were talking.  Issy's head turned from the door and followed their sound as they walked past her head, to the other side of the room.  She recognised their voices, which, I realised, she'd been listening to for weeks now.   She was 6 hours old, but I saw it.  I did.  

When she arrived that day, it just felt right.  She was the missing puzzle piece.  We were done, we were so incredibly lucky and we knew it.  

This photo sits next to my bed.  I look at it every day.  I can't imagine ever changing it.  

Anyone else got a favourite photo?