Thursday, 14 February 2013

Awesome. That's all.

As a copywriter, when I'm writing for customers or clients, I pay close attention to the words I'm using.

Maybe not during the first draft, where I just let things go a bit wild.  But during editing, I need to rearrange and cull carefully so the message comes across in the right way to the right people.

There are a few words generally accepted copywriting conventions say you shouldn't use if you can help it.  Some words make you sound wanky, some make you sound stupid.  None of them give a great impression.

"That" is frowned upon.  So is "just".  Very, really, good.  Not enough oomph.

On the other hand, you also need to be careful with using words if they're too complex, because it makes your writing less easy to understand.

Words like utilise (instead of use) or commence (instead of start/begin), to name a few.

Some, like passionate or dedicated or committed, have simply been overused and don't carry genuine meaning anymore.

And stay away from literally and actually too.

Oh, and be really careful with their, they're and there and it's and its.  

OK enough lessons.

There's one word I love, but I never get to use in copy because it's not really professional.  But it's such a great word, so expressive and a bit daggy.

Well, I'm a bit daggy so why wouldn't one of my favourite words be a bit daggy too.

It's awesome.

No, really, awesome.  The word awesome.  It's awesome.

Whenever the kids have a great day, they tell me it's awesome.  If they like a present, it's awesome.

It's their best word ever.  And mine too.

It covers so many activities, experiences and it's 100% positive.  No negativity with awesome, only pure enjoyment and happiness.

It works by itself, nothing is ever a bit awesome or kind of awesome.  It's awesome.

I think that's why I love it.

I also love serendipity, decolletage, sensational and discombombulated.  And I struggle sneaking these into daily conversation too.

I snuck decolletage in this afternoon during a re-sunscreening session.

Sarah could say decolletage at two and point to it.  It was her party trick.  

But none of these words are as awesome as awesome.

Possibly my most trivial post yet.  Awesome.