Monday, 18 February 2013

Proud I am.

Student Rep in Kindy.  Peaking too early? 
A moment, if you please.  Just a moment of pride.

I am proud of my Issy.

She was named SRC (student representative council) member for her class.  Sure, she didn't get voted, the teacher just picks them in Kindy, but she must have made some type of impression yes?

Possibly too much of an impression?  Um...yes.

She is taking her role very seriously and plans to put forward an initiative for the Kindy classes to have their own worm farm, and put their recess and lunch scraps in there, making lots of worm poo for the communal garden beds.

OK I'm kind of pushing this barrow (pun fully intended) but it's better than asking for a pyjama day isn't it?

Receiving her badge.

She received her badge at assembly today.   I sat among other SRC parents and we all clapped mightily, for everyone. 

I am proud of my Sarah.  She has been selected for the dance group for the third year running.  Every year I say, never, ever again, and early the next year I say go on try out, thinking she won't get in because she doesn't do dance lessons (!), but she still gets in.  She loves the teacher and would do anything for her.  She does what she's told and she tries hard, typical eldest child that she is.  This is why she gets in I think.  Or maybe it's all that gym? Who knows.

Remember last year's costume?  It's going to be hard to beat.
So she's in again and the dance theme is Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.  Methinks I see an Oompa Loompa costume in my future.  Thank the stars I don't have to make it.

Don't fight it, just be proud.

And as for Josh, he has his big exam on Friday for possible entry into a private school in year 3.  This is not, and never has been my preferred option.  But if he doesn't get in for year 3, I don't think he'll get a place in year 5.  There are just too many old boys and smart kids.  So we're having a crack.

No matter how he does, I'm proud of him.  He can now write his surname.  Which he couldn't do three weeks ago.  It is a very long surname.

Proud indeed.