Tuesday, 19 February 2013

The final countdown to Coastrek

Well, nine days to go.  

In some ways I'm ready, and in others I'm a bit deficient. 

I have my Camelback pack thingie. 

I have my feet with a new summery red (very important).  

A bag of sweets for energy. 

A bag of trail mix.

Snakes of course. 

And money for icy poles.  A good new pair of shoes, a team shirt, and two pairs of socks.  

So in terms of material preparation, it's all good.  

Where's the catch?

Well... on Saturday we did a really long walk.  Started at Palmy and walked to Queenscliff.  32km as it turned out.  

It was tough.  Really, really tough.  The toughest practice walk ever.  

The headlands were steep, the stairs were fierce.  And mentally we all struggled.  

And the Narrabeen/Collaroy beach, all 4 treacherous km soft sand of it was nearly our undoing.   The icy pole we had at the end was possibly the most needed icy pole ever in the history of the world.  

It gave us a reality check.  Which we needed.  Because we've done a lot of practice walks, but most of them have been prancing around North Head and the Manly to Spit Walk.   

Now we know, the first part of the walk is definitely the most difficult.  

On the upside, now we are psyched.  We've taken on the toughest parts of the walk, and they can't surprise us on the 1st.  We're ready for them.  We also know once we've done the hardest part, the final 18km will still be hard, but all the beaches will be behind us, and most of the steep climbing.  

After what we've done, 18km will be like a quick jaunt to the shops for milk.  

Now, just say you felt like slipping us a bit of money for Fred Hollows, please go to our page via this link.  You'll be supporting four tough chicks who are going to nail the walk on the 1st and help cure loads of people of avoidable blindness.  

And to everyone who has already sponsored us, thanks so very much.  I'm pretty sure we've got to all of you individually, but here's another thanks just to be sure.  Because there's never enough thank you's are there?