Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Daily dilemmas.

Decisions, decisions. 
Every day we make decisions.  Big ones, small ones.  Tedious ones usually.

Today we had to get up early to be a school for a band thing.  It was important.

But the kids were asleep.  I hate waking kids.  Usually if they're asleep, they need to be.

I didn't wake them.  But that made us late.

Bloody decisions.

When I got to work there were no parks.  Only 2 hour ones.  Or ones you have to pay for.  Or a free one about 500m from where I work.

I was already late.  This was making me later.  I'm not spending half my daily pay packet on a parking ticket, and it's tricky having to move the car every 2 hours.

So I parked what seemed like halfway back to home and walked to work in the rain.

Another bloody decision.

Do I do Issy's hair or eat breakfast?

Do I sit in on sax practice or help with homework?

Do I shout one more time about the shoes left on the floor, or just pick them up myself?

On the weekend, do I lie in bed and read the paper, or get up and do housework?  Knowing that it's not going to magically do itself so it's more a question of doing it now or later?

And finally, if I was the Pope, who has people to dress him, cook for him, drive him around and wait on him hand and foot, why would I ever ever ever make the decision to give it all up.