Monday, 4 February 2013

Half Assed Fast

From this. 
So, Febfast.

This is how I think it will play out.

Monday to Wednesday: piece of cake.

Thursday, a bit hairy.

Friday to Sunday: possibly requiring some serious willpower, especially Friday and Saturday and worse if we are out.

Last Friday I cheated, ignoring the calendar telling me it was in fact Feb 1 and went out with a bunch of girlfriends for drinks.

But Saturday, it was on.  And all Saturday, as 5pm got closer and closer, one half of my mind kept saying, "aaahh, I'm looking forward to my afternoon glass of wine/G&T'.

Followed immediately by the other half saying (in a snarky voice), "Uh-uh, you're doing Febfast, sparkling mineral water for you.'

Strangely, once that witching hour of 5-6pm was over, I didn't give it another thought.

But up until then it was a nasty roller coaster to be on.  And one I need to get off.  There's been far too much reckless consumption of alcohol over the past three months and now my body expects to be chemically relaxed after 5pm at least 3 nights a week.

By refusing it this for a month (ish) I hope to feel healthier, clearer and more energetic.

I'm also hoping to drop a kilo or two and at the same time worrying I'll end up substituting food for a drink.  Based on my behaviour so far, it's quite likely.  I was able to buy my favourite dip at my local coffee shop today after their long January break and already half of it is gone.

It's taramasalata, and believe me, it's not diet food.  But it's so good.

An excellent friend of mine is doing it too, as is my husband, who does this every Feb.  He says it gets harder as the month goes on, which is very depressing, as I'd hoped it would get easier.

To this.  Twice a day.  Not a bad comedown really. 
Another friend said she was keen to do it but couldn't possibly start until Feb 9 or 10 due to pressing prior social commitments.  We have declared this to officially be "Half Assed Fast".

But even a half assed fast is better than none yes?

If you fancy sponsoring anyone doing Febfast, please click on this link.