Wednesday, 6 February 2013

On a lighter note: It's time for Long Service Leave

Us nearly 10 years ago.  Look at our expressions.  Talk about young and clueless.  
So, 10 years of being responsible for tiny dependent beings is over.  Ten years.  If I worked for a company, I'd be up for long service leave.  But seeing as no one is offering me 10 weeks paid leave, I'm going to take a few liberties with my life.  Just a few.

I have two days where I have to go to work.  And some freelance stuff I need to do.  But surely around that, with 5 full days child free, I can also take a moment here and there to do some stuff for myself?

Yes, I know the 6 hours between 9 and 3 are on a different space/time continuum and go faster.  Even so...

Here is what I hope my LSL entails:

1.  Attendance at yoga/kayak yoga or any type of relaxation stretchy style session at least once a week. Twice even.
And then you yoga.

So first you kayak.

2.  Time to lunch occasionally with friends.  No, not all afternoon, and not anywhere outrageously flash.  Just a meet and chat for a sushi train, or a salad.  Maybe (if it's someone's bday, a glass of champs).

But no champs in February.  Heavy sigh.  But I should be full of natural endorphins and be feeling totally euphoric at the thought of having reared three children (with just 4 years and 2 days between first and third dammit) to school age without losing one or losing my mind.

Surely this natural high means I don't need champagne?  It's just there's this niggling sense of redundancy that keeps creeping in.

Sorry, got off track.

3. Shop for groceries without having to take someone who's constantly and simultaneously cold, hungry and busting.

4. Permission to maybe, just sometimes, write creatively for myself.  A book?  A short story?  A kids book?  Who knows.
I could stuff.
5. A course!  I could learn something new!  On writing?  Would I contemplate any other?  Interior design?  No, I have most excellent friends for that.  Meditation?  Hmm. Not sure I have the concentration.  Instead, there's creative writing, feature writing, writing for kids etc etc.

6. Manage a renovation.  Well, there's always that elephant in the room isn't there?

Aah, after yesterdays hamster wheel post this I feel much better, much more positive.  So many opportunities lie ahead.

And I'm proud, of all three of them.  Because they are lovely in their own ways.  I know I haven't wasted the last ten years. I haven't enjoyed every minute of them, but they are of course, the most important ones I've spent.  I don't think Mike and I will spend another decade of our lives with so much to show for it as this one.  Three healthy amazing humans!  Amazing.

Right, off to book a course and buy a kayak.  Must have the right equipment now.

PS. Kayak yoga: An ingenious invention where you get into kayaks, paddle off somewhere around the amazing harbour and land on a beach.  Do yoga for 40 minutes and paddle home again.  Total winner!