Sunday, 24 February 2013

Windy Rainy Weekend Diversions

Manly Beach on Saturday morning.  Not one surfer in the water.  Usually there are a few certifiably insane surfers.  Not this morning.  
So what to do on a windy, rainy weekend?  Stay inside? Works for a while.  We baked cakes. 

Double layer choc raspberry
Made a music video or two.  Our latest favourite app is called Video Star, recommended by a friend.  It's free, and it's sensational.  Go on, try it.  

Then there's dancing Wii.  Please note two of the three are in pyjamas.  It's well after midday.  

A picture of misery.
We went out to lunch.  Hugo's was full so we went to the Bavarian Bier Cafe.  This is Mike contemplating the beer list, none of which he can have.  Perhaps on reflection, a bier cafe was a bad choice. 

Beer being a no go, he settled for a schnitzel the size of all our heads put together.  We all ate meat/fish and potatoes with nary a vegetable in sight.  Great rainy windy weather food.  Then to top off the goodness we let them pick a treat from the lolly shop in the wharf.  

Post lunch treat selection.
Yep, surf.  At Balmoral.  
To avoid the children's post lunch sugar rush, I went on my final pre Coastrek walk.  I went alone.  My teammates were distracted with injured toes, tonsillitis and prior engagements.  I phoned family and friends to pass the time and spent a lovely hour on the phone to my sister.  

At Balmoral, there was surf, and people surfing in it.  And of course, I realised we should have gone to a harbour beach.  Instead of sitting around stuffing our faces with meat and potatoes, we could have been frolicking in the waves and playing in the sand and dealing with the gale force wind this photo doesn't show.  

Oh well, too late.  And now it's...Downton time.