Thursday, 28 February 2013

Casual observations of life

When I am busy Saying Nothing and Acting Casual I notice things.  Because I am so observant.

Sydney Coastrek 2013
This is NOT us.  For one thing, the sky is blue. 
Observation 1.

Preparing for Coastrek when the weather is stupendously awful is not exactly fun.

Prepacking kids morning tea, checking homework folders, library books, news topics.  Laying out uniforms, swapping orthotics over, packing swimmers for after school plays.

It's kind of like I'm going away for the weekend, with none of the fun of actually going anywhere.

Observation 2.

Carbo loading before a big walk when I'm not used to eating pasta at night means I just feel kind of full and sick.  Or maybe that's just nervousness.

Observation 3.

If I ever complain about how much time I spend ferrying my kids around, please slap me, and then remind me of a friend I caught up with last night who spends every Thursday from 4pm to 7pm picking up about 8 kids (three of them hers) and dropping some of them home, some to activities, then picking them back up and dropping them off again.  She makes seven stops.

I feel so unworthy.

Observation 4.

I don't think I've wanted a drink all month as much as I've wanted one tonight.

Observation 5.

My children talk too much, all the time and over each other.  They don't care if someone else (adult or child) is already talking and they direct most of their communications at me, so I feel like I'm the centre of three conversations at once.   I often say nothing (because I can't get a word in) but it's often hard to act casual.

It's just gone quiet.  None of my children are talking to me.  Because they're all asleep.  So peaceful.

Chris Bath on Channel 7 just told me tomorrow is going to be 21 and raining.  Sweet cheeses.