Tuesday, 26 February 2013

The final days of Febfast

Nearly there!
I have never gone this long without a drink and not been pregnant or breastfeeding.  In my adult life.

It's been easy/hard, this alcohol free caper.  Some days I don't think of it at all, it's so far off my radar.

Other days, I just wish I could have a glass of something to take the edge off.  I've managed to take the edge off with ginger beer, and coke zero, and an unbelievable amount of sparkling mineral water with lime in it.

I even stopped buying Coles brand mineral water and bought a posh brand.

Having Mike do it with me is great, and I know he's appreciated me joining him on his annual abstinence.  At this point, I plan to do it every year.

People comment on how well I look, and I say thanks.  It could be because I'm off the grog, it could be because all this wandering around up and down the coastline has given me a tan.  I'm not looking into it, I just appreciate their kindness.

Only two people in the entire month have attempted any sort of coaxing, trying to convince me to have a drink, just one.  It was easy to resist but I wish I hadn't been put in the situation.  I'm guilty of doing the same, or at least I have been in my (wild) past.  These days if someone I know doesn't fancy a drink, I let it be, they no doubt have their reasons and far be it from me to mess with them.

Trying to get out there and socialise has been (thank goodness), easier than I thought.  I've been out to dinner, over to friends for a bbq, even to the Bavarian Beer house.  Sure, I was a bit tempted, but not enough to fall off my wagon.

My arch nemesis.
So I'm proud of my progress, pleased I have the willpower to resist a drink when I put my mind to it and I really hope I can carry my new attitude into the rest of the year and sometimes just go without, and try to like myself sober in social situations instead of always trying to drink myself into being a person I like.  I also need to learn to find my off button, which often gets lost, especially when I drink champagne.

And I have to model sensible, social drinking to my kids.  Because I'm like, the grown up.

Does that make sense?

There's still time to donate to Febfast.  Here's the link.  http://febfast.org.au